Five Hikes To Do With Your Toddler

Finn and I have been hiking together since he was two weeks old, he really can only handle so many miles in the pack before he begins to get antsy. Because of that most hikes I do with Finn are under 6 miles and will have views, lakes, places to explore, or a nice wide trail for a toddler to trek themselves.

Naches Peak Loop

This was such an awesome day for Finn and I. The trail is half in Mt. Rainier NP so unfortunately I decided to leave the pups at home. It’s a short loop trail with little gain and AMAZING views! There is also a small lake (honestly I’d consider it a pond but they say lake sooo) that is perfect for letting your minis out to explore. I let Finn out of his pack twice during this little hike, once to eat lunch at the highest point and again at the lake to run around.

Margaret’s Way 

This one was a more recent one we did and one we will do again and again. Gain is reasonable, mileage is under 6 and at the second view point there is a beautiful field with a bench. I did this one with our friend Sulee, her daughter Ellie, and all FOUR of our dogs! The babies played here for almost an hour!

Kelly Butte Lookout

Ughh, this one is a dream. I actually think it might be my favorite hike I have ever done with Finn. Because of the terrain and his lack of current listening skills I probably wouldn’t let him down to roam quite yet… maybe by the end of summer. But this one is an awesome one guys, you get too much bang for your buck if I’m being honest! The view of Rainier is hauntingly beautiful all along the trail and once you’re at the lookout you can see more than you’d expect. This is one you just have to do.

Gold Creek Pond

An oldie but a goodie. If you’re looking for a walk in the woods with a great picnic area to play you have come to the right place! Gold creek pond is a 1 mile loop that you could do with or without a carrier and somewhere I go often with the dogs and Finn for a slow paced day enjoying Mother Nature.

Twin Falls

This one was is such a fantastic one if your kiddos are walking. We ended up parking at the wrong lot so our short 2.6 mile hike turned into a 6 mile but it wasn’t a difficult 6. Finn walked part of the way himself and the three waterfall views made for truly beautiful scenery. We did this one on a weekday around 10 and once we got to the main trail we found it to be pretty crowded so I couldn’t imagine it on a weekend.

There are so many other trails that are on my summer 2019 list. I cannot wait for the weather to get a little bit more consistent for all our adventures to come! Happy hiking!

Live Inspired,


Amanda Yandrasits