Adventure Day


I guess I should start off with what our adventure days are exactly… they are days we wake up, pack up, drive somewhere new, and spend all day exploring that area. We have one main destination set in place and everything else is pretty much on a whim (except this last one- @seattlestorys went the weekend before and hooked it up with her itinerary). I try to make these days our family days which means dog, kid, and hubby friendly. Some people are not good with no schedules but I find it to be freeing- we eat and do what we want when we want and the only thing we like to be sure of is we spend just as much time being active as we do driving, if not more.

It’s these days where I think I receive the most “wow, you sure do have your hands full” and I do… they aren’t the easiest. Brad and I usually bicker about food or directions, it’s a long day with little resting for us, and if Brad isn’t there I’m juggling all three of my little wildlings alone and that in itself is an adventure.

Why do I do it then? Because I recognize my time with my children is short and I plan on soaking up every brilliant second I can. I know that Finn won’t remember these days but I like to believe that it’s these moments that will form the foundation his adult self will stand upon. Plus he and the pups really do love it, nurturing their wonder for this world is truly my greatest joy.

Also, don’t feel like an “adventure day” has to be extravagant. An adventure can be big or small, it could be trying out a new café or playground, you could turn your living room into a huge fort or build a box house in your backyard while using your imagination to take you places. I know day trips aren’t that easy or everyone’s pace- maybe one day I’ll do a “guide to the easy day trip” post. Really Adventure Days are about experiencing something new with your family. When you try something or go somewhere new with your mini you have to be really patient with one another. Both of you don’t have much of a clue what you’re getting yourselves into and I think there is something so fun and very much “teamwork-y” about that.

We have done lots of adventure days but one of my faves was Ruby Beach, you could find the post about it here. Talk about magic!

Anddd since you’re here and we did just go to Skagit Valley Daffodil Festival, here are some things you may want to know:

  • Daffodil festival is dog friendly but not at the Roozengaarde. Check out the bloom map to stay updated on which fields and flowers are in bloom.

  • Pioneer park’s fish bridge is an adorable place for a quick run by the river and some cute trails to explore.

  • The La Conner boardwalk is so great and just 15 minutes from the flower festival! Lots of water front restaurants. My grandpa Bernie has a sculpture (shown above) check it out while you’re there, it was the sweetest surprise for us. If you’re a dog lover run into Fine Feathered Friends Nature Store and ask the owner to tell you about her Sage. He was a Gibson and she has so much love for him.

I really hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and would love to hear about any adventures you have planned with your babies, I’m always on the lookout for fresh ideas!

Live Inspired,


Amanda Yandrasits