Lets Save the World


Over the last couple of years I have spent so much time thinking about the state of our environment and how we are bringing our son into a world where all he will know is conservation and having to work so hard to try to save our planet for the future. It’s difficult to not get wrapped up in the negativity, especially when it seems to be so thick lately. There is no hiding the destruction man has done. It’s everywhere.

During the government shutdown people were destroying our National Parks, garbage is consistently being left… well, everywhere, we consume too much, we disrupt wild animals in their natural habitats for our own enjoyment, global climate change continues to be pushed on the backburner, the list goes on and on and has actually brought me to tears more than once.

Last weekend we went to another National Geographic Live show, if you don’t know what I am talking about- check it out here, they are seriously awakening. Anyways, we went to a NatGeoLive show featuring Filipe DeAndrade and left feeling so hopeful for the future of our planet, his enthusiasm for conservation is truly contagious. I am so grateful there are people out there dedicating their lives to preserving our home, and even more so that Finn will grow up watching and learning from these inspiring individuals.

Feeling motivated I thought it would be fun to share three ways you could implement preservation and hopefully spark a fire in your babies!

  1. Reduce single use items. Invest in some reusable straws, water bottles, linen napkins, reusable coffee filters, beeswax wraps, etc. to use instead of the plastic and paper. There are so many companies out there providing great reusable and biodegradable products. I’ve linked some of my favorite sustainable products below.

  2. VOTE and do it knowledgeably. It may not be what you thought you would hear but there it is. National Geographic conveniently has provided “A Running List of how President Trump is Changing Environmental Policy” here, I highly recommend you check it out. It provides you with everything- the bad, the band-aids, the worse, and the ugly- but it’s an eye opener and paints a good picture as to how voting effects the environment.

  3. Live in it! Show them how beautiful our planet is, the species we share it with, and also how they can help take care of it. I feel like this is truly the best way to spark a love for the environment into our littles. Be outside, touch the earth, and while you’re at it pick up trash when you see it. I like to think that by nurturing Finn’s curiosity of the outdoors it will grow into love and naturally we take care of those things.

I hope I helped shine some light onto what is currently happening and would love to hear some of the ways you choose to live sustainably.

Live Inspired,


Amanda Yandrasits