REI Event- Luminous Snowshoe at Gold Creek Pond


I mentioned in a couple of my recent posts how we had been gifted an REI excursion and thought I would keep you all informed on how it went. First, I think it is so sick that they offer this! I truly believe the best gift is time spent doing an activity and obviously I’m a sucker for anything in the outdoors.

We were signed up for the Luminous Snowshoeing Event at Gold Creek Pond, centered on celebrating Winter Solstice, it was from 5:30pm-11:30pm. We met at and left the REI in Issaquah at 5:30 via their shuttlebus. They provided snowshoes, gators, and poles which was more gear then necessary for the location- in other words, they make sure you are more then taken care of.

Once you were on site they do a quick overview of how the evening is supposed to play out and how to properly use the gear. They then welcomed you with a fun gift, ours was a travel mug (yes!), buff (always needed!), and hiking journal (so cute). It was surprisingly chill when it came time to trek, which I was happy about. I was concerned that since it was a hosted event we would be stuck walking with the group and doing everything together, not the case at all! Everything was on our own time.

REI really goes all out for these!

We showed up to Gold Creek’s main picnic area and REI had set up multiple fire pits, snack tents, a tent with warm drinks, and even a warming tent where the group could go in and hang their warm thoughts (things you think about to keep your heart warm on a cold winter day). Sasquatch was hidden in the trail handing out raffle tickets. That’s not even the best part, they had lined the entire trail with paper lanterns and hung lights in the trees! It was breath taking!

We spent the evening in the snow, hanging by the fire, chatting with like-minded people- it really was the perfect way to spend our Winter Solstice. REI did a kick ass job, I would recommend their events to anyone. They have events for all levels of fitness and are so helpful to those who need an extra hand. This particular one was super chill and all about celebrating the warmth and light to come.

Overall, I loved it! If you have the opportunity to snag yourself and REI event- DO IT!

Live Inspired,


Amanda Yandrasits