Road Tripping With A Little One


Off we go! Another season, another road trip. The last time we visited the Tetons was our honeymoon two years ago. Brad and I spent a month road tripping with the pups and the Tetons were a place we wanted to stay at longer… really dig our heals into the mountains. We are so stoked to be going back and this time bringing our boy with us!

We are switching it up a bit and reluctantly leaving our fur babies at home. With spending majority of our time in the National Park there was no way we could drag them 13 hours just to hang out at a doggy day care, it wouldn’t feel right. They did however stay at Hotel Yandragrove spending the week with their grandparents and received visits from their fave puppy friends.

Road tripping with a baby is much much different than a solo journey. I have received a solid amount of shocked looks and questions. For those of you who want to travel long distances but find it daunting my one piece of advice would be: give yourself plenty of extra time… better yet, forget about time! The way to make driving fun for kiddos is to stop, A LOT.

We almost double the amount of hours it’s supposed to take. Montana was a nine hour drive and it took us 14 hours to get there. We drive during the night and through Finn’s naptime then stop at parks and towns while he’s awake to play. It isn’t the most timely way to travel but it’s a way to drive long distances and keep everyone happy. What’s not to love about spending all day outside exploring new cities!

With Wyoming being a 13 hour drive without stopping we decided to try another way, leaving at 7pm and driving ALL NIGHT LONG. This worked good for Finn. He sleeps relatively well in the car and didn’t seem too effected by it. It went quicker for us too but man we were exhausted. We didn’t arrive until around 10am and spent our first day of vacation more tired than we could ever remember. Seriously, it felt like a waste of a day. Not something I would recommend when you have a little one who needs entertaining.

However, on the way back, we left before 8 in the morning, got coffee, and took our time driving home. Stopping at rest stops to throw rocks, Missoula for bomb hotdogs and ice cream, Wallace for an outdoor mining exhibit and the most epic bagel sandwiches! I think Finn likes it this way too. He gets to wake up from naps in completely new environments and explore till his little hearts content. We didn’t get home until after midnight but it was such a fun day, my preferred way to travel!

It isn’t as scary as it seems and as long as you know your kiddos limit your good to go!

Safe travels!

Amanda Yandrasits