Washington- Ocean Shores


You guys, the ocean is literally two and a half hours away from our house and WE NEVER GO! Don't ask me why. Everyone there seems to have one common goal: to enjoy the moment! The beach is where our entire family seems to be relaxed, it really is such a freeing environment! Molli starts to excited cry the second she can smell the salt water, honestly, we all do. We drive right onto the sand, open the doors, and run straight to the water with our babies.

This was Finn's first time at the ocean and he was SO funny! He was obsessed with the feel of the sand, scared of the waves, and I think a bit overwhelmed by the ocean itself (aren't we all). Every time I would begin walking into the blue he would let out the slightest whimper, it was so sweet! 

Exploring with a baby is always the most rewarding adventure. There is something so beautiful about the way they look at nature and to be able to experience the newness of the world through my boy, its magical. 

We brought our backpacking tent to use as a place to put Finn that was protected from the elements and a stove in case we decided to grill out on the beach... we just forgot the meat. So, we went to the Sea Breeze BBQ Hut. We enjoy stopping at little hole in the wall joints others would skip over. Sometimes it bites us in the butt; however, not this time! It was the best food and service I have had in a while! 

Overall, it was an awesome day trip and I am so happy we decided to go. When we became parents going to the grocery store became an hour of prep, a day trip seemed unfathomable. But as time has gone on we have gotten into the swing of adventuring with a baby and absolutely love it! It feels good to know that we can still be the spontaneous travelers we always have been.

Amanda Yandrasits