Utah-Bryce Canyon


We arrived at Bryce Canyon right as sun was setting.. talk about magic. There was a storm in the distance and we sat on the parks rim for hours in awe of the lightning and cotton candy sky. I had been to red rock multiple times before but nothing can compare to the fire that is Bryce Canyon. 

Utah is absolutely beautiful. We love the power of the red rock and nothing can beat the sunsets! The campground in the park was laid back, clean, the people were friendly. However, the heat and parks do not allow dogs in the canyons. We took our fur babies to Pawz Dogz daycare and they loved it! It was affordable, close to the park, and she will do pick up/drop off so you can have the entire day exploring at your leisure.. you will need it!

Our time spent here was filled with edible views, cuddling below meteor showers, and hiking through its hoodoos felt like you were walking among flames.. It's a place I think back to and immediately feel a warmth that can only be understood from its experience.

Bryce Canyon was home to one of our “ah-ha” moments, we stopped and really thought to ourselves, “Holy cow, this is our life”. We stood at the edge, overlooking the canyon, in awe over the mosaic sunset; it was a breathtaking experience. And the memories will forever make me hold Brad’s hand a little bit tighter.

Amanda Yandrasits