Washington- Ruby Beach

Something you should know about Brad and I is that we are pretty spontaneous travelers. Now that I think about it, we are pretty spontaneous lifers. We don’t always end up where we originally plan but we’re always together, usually laughing, next to some of the best views or eating *raccoon food from a local grill.

This day was just like any other: chaos and absolute magic. We began our day during Finns long nap, hitting the road at 10. It takes about three hours to get there and he slept majority of the time. We didn’t actually know where we were headed until we were well on the road. After a location debate we ended up missing our exit and instead of turning around we decided to head to Ruby Beach!

We spent the day stopping at various beaches along Olympic National Park’s coast trying to find the most space for Finn. We like to place him as far away from the ocean as possible so we have some time to chat before having to chase after him. These beaches aren’t really big enough for that. We spent majority of our day beating him to the waves and dragging his kicking little body away before they came crashing down. Like I said, chaos.

Overall, it was a fantastic day for everyone! Gibson ate some nasty decomposing ish, Molli got to bark at waves ALL DAY LONG, Finn ate sandy raspberries and tirelessly tried to bathe in the ocean, and well, we got to laugh at the mess we had become. Then as the day came to an end all our tired babes stayed a bit closer. We huddled together and watched the most beautiful sun set. Like I said, magic.

A day trip never feels long enough, but it especially doesn’t when exploring gems like this. There is so much this National Park has to offer I cannot wait to dig my heals into it again.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and find yourselves somewhere beautiful (whatever that means for you).

Stay Inspired,


*Raccoon food: Food that looks fire but tastes like trash

Amanda Yandrasits