Mothers Day Picnic


We’ve made it guys- FRIYAY!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner and my husband always asking what I would like to do I thought, “I want to be with my family, outside, and food is ALWAYS a plus.” In other words: I want to go on a picnic! We love to spend actual Mother’s Day with our moms so I get my own special time during the week prior. Brad is always so good at making me feel loved and truly appreciated, this was nothing short of that. We went to our favorite field, had a wonderful dinner together, and spent the rest of the evening running around watching the sunset- my perfect evening.

I am here to provide you with everything you need to create an awesome picnic, including our grocery list!

First, set the scene. Find a place that makes you happy and where you can be comfortable. It could be riverside, the beach, a beautiful field, or even just in your backyard. I feel like where your picnic is located sets the tone for what you’re days going to look like. Besides eating will you be floating in the river? Maybe you’ll be flying kites? Or playing catch? Besides the company, the environment is always what I love most.

And then you need something to lay on. Picnics don’t always have to be checkered mats and baskets (there is nothing wrong with that, so cute) but if you have never experienced the beauty of a Gathre mat, YOU MUST! They are sleek, modern, leather mats. They’re easy to clean, easy to carry, and so easy on the eyes. My latest obsession and perfect for picnics! Brad and Finn (I) got me a midi in the color Heron for mothers day. So sweet of them (me). Everything else I used can be found at Home Goods including my bag, bonus: it’s insulated. I have provided a couple other wicker farmers market/summer bags that may or may not currently be in my shopping cart, because there is always room for a straw backpack right?

Now onto the food. Really it’s whatever you’re craving, and I have done it all. I have gone the basic sandwich and chips route, the simple snack and fruit direction, and have even done Mexican take out… there is nothing like eating a burrito lakefront, but this time I went a little bit special for the occasion and am excited to share it with you! I wanted to do something easy and we have been on such a hummus kick lately I thought it would be fun to do a couple different types of hummus toast. I kept the ingredients simple so we weren’t packing too much. One loaf of bread, one package of hummus, and one type of herb. The veggies and cheese used for our toast was also perfect for snacking. I love when things are multi purpose. I am happy to share our full menu below with you.


  • Caprese Hummus toast: hummus, artisan garlic bread, tomatoes, mozzarella balls, basil

  • Prosciutto Hummus Toast: Hummus, artisan garlic bread, cucumber, prosciutto, basil

  • Fruit: Blueberries, Raspberries

  • Dessert: Chocolate covered almonds

  • Drinks: Moscow Mule, ie: vodka, lime, ginger beer, mint

What I love so much about picnicking is it’s all about bringing your comfort outside. It’s 100% what you make it. I like to center mine on my family but it’s also such a wonderful thing to do for solitude.  Lay down a blanket and read a book alone, make a beach towel your home base and spend the day along the beach, or treat the mother in your life with a sweet evening chasing the sunset.

I hope you all have a happy weekend and would love to hear all about your favorite way to picnic, message me below!

Live Inspired,


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