We Are Women


We are women.

We are trailblazers. Our paths repeatedly involve bushwhacking, crossing rivers, sliding in mud, tumbling into valleys, trekking through rock fields, and pressing on to summit mountains… but...

We are mothers. We carry and create life. We give birth and in that moment hold our hearts in our hands, we then spend every second watching as it grows, knowing one day we’ll have to watch as it leaves. We are life. Your safe space. Home. We are the most vulnerable we have ever been and still the strongest we’ll ever be… but…

We are homemakers. We hold our families together with tenderness and compassion. We are sometimes mocked and called lazy. Where is our ambition? What do we even do all day? Entering retirement early I see? We spend our days cleaning, cooking, teaching, tending, putting everyone and everything in front of ourselves, running exhausted fueled by a fierce incomprehensible love. We are our family’s strength and roots… but...

We are entrepreneurs. We cling to the rungs of the ladder. We hide in bathrooms rehearsing our speech to ask for more. We are called prudes for refusing your drink but have poor work ethic when we take a lunch with friends. We dread Thanksgiving because “when are you going to start a family?” or “you spend too much time working, how can you put in that many hours AND still be a good mother?” We work long hours, eat on the go, and fight to move forward…but…

We are students. We are told not to wear skirts “because it’s disruptive”. We are told to hide to accommodate others. We are pulled from our studies because our bodies distract the boys. We are harassed. We are gossiped about. We are scared. Too often we find an undesired hand on our leg or eye on our chest. We are told to sit quietly and raise our hand.

My hope for today is we learn more about each other’s journey because a woman’s journey isn’t an easy one. It isn’t safe or nicely paved. Too often we find ourselves cornered, belittled, judged and clenching our keys in the dark.

My hope for everyday is we encourage our daughters, sisters, mothers to stand tall and have a voice. To fight boldly for their beliefs and approach each other with kindness. Teach your sons to be anchored and educated enough to support and stand alongside such strong women rather than be intimidated by them.

We are women. We can be all, some, or none of these things, and still so much more. No matter the type of woman you are or journey you’ve had, you are pushing on, strong, and so god damn beautiful.

Happy international womens day.

Live Inspired,


Amanda Yandrasits