Whiskey Tasting Party


“I’m on a whiskey diet. I’ve lost three days already.” The words of Mr. Tommy Cooper- Thanks to Brad’s birthday we adopted this diet last weekend… then again on Monday… and maybe a sip or two on Tuesday… joking, Monday was it. But when you have a bunch of great whiskey lying around and good friends coming over, it’s easy (fun) to indulge a bit!

When Brad said he wanted to do a whiskey tasting for his birthday, I was so excited. With whiskey comes lots of laughter, great barbecue, and my favorite people! Sadly, with the snow storm I was stuck inside UNTIL THE DAY OF and Amazon wasn’t able to deliver to us, so I was super limited to what I could do. I had a vision of fun banners (linked here), balloons, table settings for a sit down dinner, and I just wasn’t able to swing it.

I do think I pulled together a cute little party for him with the items I had lying around and a quick trip to Party City. They have the cutest barware section full of festive napkins, tags, plastic decanters, etc. Since I already had some chalk boards around the house I continued on with that theme: black, white, natural wood. I think that everyone should invest in wood crates, especially if you enjoy hosting things. They make the greatest risers and I loved the way it looked surrounded by so much whiskey.

Décor aside there are a couple of ways to throw a fun whiskey tasting party: a sit down one that’s more serious or one that’s more relaxed, we opted for the ladder. Everyone hung out in the living room as the dining room table held majority of the food. We provided a couple bottles and asked our guests to bring some of their favorite brands/kinds (if they desired, not necessary of course), and everyone sampled the whiskey while dinner was finishing up in the oven.

Originally I had wanted to provide one bottle of each type of whiskey/y (Canadian, Irish, Bourbon, Scotch, Japanese) and have us all compare the different flavors. Another way to host a tasting is pick a type and sample various brands. We ended up doing a fun combo of both. We had 12 different bottles to sample, about two of each type. I created these adorable tasting cards using a template I found here and after lots of drinking with little discussion about the aroma, taste, and finish, a favorite was decided! Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye was our number one with Pendleton as a close second, in case you’re going whiskey shopping anytime soon.

Wanting to talk clothes? My favorite thing about hosting a party is the chance to be comfortable, you just spent all day cleaning, cooking, preparing- the last thing anyone expects is for you to be in your nines. I found this AMAZING pair of cotton overalls at Marshalls and if you haven’t discovered non-denim overalls you’re missing out! I felt like I was in pajamas all night long! By the time people arrived I was already barefoot, with my glasses on, and considering throwing on the thickest comfiest sweater. I held it decently together for a couple more hours but if I was in anything but these overalls I definitely would have ended up in pajamas. They’re such a must have piece. I paired mine with booties and a printed tee but they could always be dressed up with a leather jacket or a crop top for warmer months.

Overall, it was such a fun night and I can’t begin to tell you how adult I felt throwing this kind of a get together. (Side note: when do you actually begin to refer to yourself as an “adult”?) You can now find me sitting in the corner of my study, sipping the finest whiskey, listening to Mozart, while trying to solve world hunger.

Live Inspired,


Amanda Yandrasits