Snowmageddon V-Day Edition


Being right at the height of snowmageddon 2019 we are snowed in, no power, can’t drive, no coffee, mostly eating eggs. All the plans we had, work included, have been canceled and as I write this it’s still snowing hard. I am having to get really creative with our daily activities and thought gosh could you imagine celebrating a holiday in this- oh wait. Cancel date night, you’re not going anywhere this Valentine’s day!

V Day isn’t something I am huge into celebrating. When I was younger I placed too much pressure on the hallmark holiday and when you have high expectations + crappy boyfriends (sorry not sorry) you get disappointment. So going into the relationship I currently have (the one that worked out) I decided to do things differently. I dropped the value I placed on gifts and centered my attention on time spent together.

I know when it snows in other places around the world life doesn’t stop, but it seems to here. Even if you could go somewhere grand, there is something romantic about the idea of a storm locking you inside together. Rom-com much?

I’ve thought of five family fun date night ideas you could do stuck in a snow storm. They may be completely ridiculous but when you have no power silliness is the key to keeping everyone happy.

  1. Build and snuggle up in a living room pillow fort. This used to be my favorite thing to do as a kid. My brother and I would get super intense with it and turn our entire downstairs into a fort, thinking back now, my mom had too many spare sheets. This is the perfect way to keep your family laughing, close, and warm.

  2. Paint. Getting creative is always so much fun. Lay down a tarp and get wild with the paint, this usually ends in a paint war with Finn, so maybe have a warm bubble bath waiting. You could easily turn this into a romantic date, just add wine. Combine this with item number three, go build a snowman and use food coloring to bring it to life!

  3. Get outside. Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on lets go and play! We absolutely love the snow and are always up for active dates. So, pack up your family and some hot cider (spiked for mom and dad), then get outside! This should 100% result in a snowball fight and lots of cold kisses.

  4. Candle lit dinner. The one thing about the power being out is you’re almost forced to be romantic. Your house is lit by candles, you’re sitting a little bit closer, warming up with wine, and without the television you can chat the night away. Candle light can make a peanut butter & jelly romantic, right?

  5. Board games. Finn hasn’t gotten to the age of board games but Brad and I love them. Scrabble, Cribbage, Kings in a Corner- we love them all and it’s a good way to stay entertained and laughing when you have no power. Wanting a game centered on your relationship and fitting for the holiday? Check out Vertellis Relationship Edition.

You could look at being snowed in without power two ways: a complete inconvenience and really frustrating OR an opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones, snuggling close for warmth. Check back in a couple days to see if I’m still as optimistic as I am now.

Hope you all have a wonderful week frolicking in the snow, and even if I don’t 100% believe in what Valentine’s Day has become, I hope you all have a day filled with love!

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