My Advice on Advice


Balancing Babies was conceived when Finn was an infant and I craved a place I could go to not feel judged. I can’t think of a more magical experience then having your first baby, but at times it can be overwhelming. And the internet can be just as harmful as it can helpful. So, I’m dedicating every other Thursday to be all about the mommy basics- my first year must have products, the “bounce back” pressure, breastfeeding, etc. in hopes I can help a new mama feel a little bit better about her decisions.

I guess I’ll start with the very first thing I had to figure out: my advice on advice.

The second you said “We’re pregnant” you uttered the password that opens the flood gate of unsolicited advice.

I was beaten down with “are you sure it’s safe to paint”, “I ate tuna and mine turned out fine”, “don’t workout”, “you can work out but don’t do crunches”, “you can hike but not that hike-that one’s dangerous”, and the list goes on. It doesn’t stop with pregnancy- you give birth and it gets more intense, then you begin to google and search mommy blogs, and by their first birthday you have spent countless nights awake reading about sleep training, throwing up, breast feeding- you have cried over decisions you made because you read another moms negative comment- and you have questioned your choices over and over again.

Now here is my advice: Breath, nod, and ignore it all. Choose three people you admire and make them the only ones you turn to. I chose my mother, mother in law, and Finn’s pediatrician/my doctor during pregnancy.

It makes the chatter more tolerable.

As a parent there are millions of milestones you will have to face and each milestone has a hundred different ways it could be tackled. In the end, nobody in the world knows your baby the way you do. As long as you love them unconditionally and are doing what’s best for BOTH OF YOU, never second guess yourself.

Live Inspired,


Amanda Yandrasits