2018 Year in Review + 2019 Intentions


January 14, 2018

The first time Finn saw the ocean! He was my own little cast away in his ripped pants (hi, chubby legs) and he had no idea what to think of the sand. We spent the day walking the trails near by, then ended up here- sitting in the wet sand snuggling to stay warm! My favorite kind of day and one we recently repeated on our trip to Ruby Beach. You can check out our most recent trip here!

April 14, 2018

Having a little baba bobbing around the house rocked this fur babies world. Daily 8 mile walks slowly got shorter and more difficult to do. Gibs was so patient with us and this day was well deserved! We took advantage of an out of town work day- we packed up and headed to Eastern Wa at 4 AM to make a sunrise hike prior to a day onsite. Then we stopped for ice cream, pizza, and an evening stroll by Moses Lake. It wasn’t a glamorous hike by any means but it was a day just me and him, and he was so happy!

April 28, 2018

My girlfriends and I take an annual girls trip and this year we (lightly) planned a weekend of wine tasting in YAKIMA. Yes, you read that correctly. Yakima. A half hour- hour drive past any good winery, which when your drinking is always too far. We made the best of it though! We went, we saw, we truly fucked shit up. It might have been the worst “wine tasting” weekend and there is a chance we are banned from all hotels in the area but you can’t beat a weekend with these ladies. They will forever be in m top 8 (myspace anyone?).


June 27, 2018

Our best camping trip yet! <— sarcasm.

We packed the babies up at 3 AM and drove 9 hours to northern Montana. Flathead Lake to be exact. We were so excited for Finns first camping trip and even more excited to be back in the state we love so much. But me being me… I booked us a campground that was DIRECTLY next to a very active railroad on a weekend that was nothing but pouring rain and thunderstorms. So we camped one night and spent the entire next day running through the rain in search of a motel room.

The following days were fantastic though! We visited one of our favorite national parks, ate bomb food, hiked a lot, spent time with family, and laughed even more!

Something I have come to love about the way we function is we (I) have these spontaneous ideas that usually don’t work how we (I) envision but we go for it and somehow find such beauty in the chaos of it all!

September 18, 2018

This was such a fun trip, if the pups were with us I don’t know if anything could have brought us home! We left at 7 PM and drove 13 hours straight to the Tetons. Then instead of sleeping, since Finn got a full nights worth, we spent the day biking back roads ad drinking far too much coffee! The next week was nothing short of epic and I think we all left a little piece of our hearts there. You can see the photo journal I posted after our trip here.


New Year, New Me

One of the most laughed at statements of the year, am I right? Clearly I don’t believe in the “big new year change”, I will forever be a women without a (well thought out) plan, running through the woods with my crazy awesome family. I like who I am and don’t plan on changing much anytime soon, but I do believe we should always try to better ourselves and today can be a wonderful time for introspection!

If you are like me and not into the big new year goals, I think a great idea is to focus your energy on a couple intention words. Use these intentions as a base for your thoughts, actions, and expression throughout the year. I chose to use this idea as a base to choose my intention words- balance, patience, and kindness.

I tend to have two speeds: 90mph or 2, and after the holidays I have been living in a daze trying to catch back up to speed. I need to get a little bit better at giving myself time to breath and it’s something I am going to focus on during the months to come…myself.

Patience is something I seem to have lost lately, I feel like I have a bit of a short fuse. My buttons are easier to be pressed and I get stressed out over things that used to not phase me. Maybe it’s because I am a mom now and adulting matters but I think that this one will naturally come easier with balance. Along with my shorter fuse, I also have a problem with waiting- very millennial of me, I’m aware. I am working on this one too. Patience with myself, our plans, the future! I have this urge to go, go, go and am working on embracing the pace of now.

Kindness is something I always try to focus my energy on. It’s an easy thing to be and something I think everybody should practice. There isn’t going to be a year where kindness isn’t one of my intentions.

My intention word for 2018 was “growth” and that’s just what it was full of: personal growth, growth in our relationship, growth for our family, Finn has somehow grown into a toddler! We made beautiful memories and built foundations for future goals. I know the beauty of this year is paralleled by some rocky roads but looking back I can’t remember a single one of them.

I am so psyched for the year to come, we have some VERY exciting things on the books- a couple weddings…our best friends being one of them, multiple trips already being planned, and gosh if this year was a look into what is to come with Finn- so many more giggles, growth, and adventures! Our plans are ever changing and the unknown of the year to come is a refreshing feeling. Who doesn’t love the idea of another fresh start?

Wishing you all the best in the year to come. I hope it is filled with whatever makes you happiest- and if it’s not, I hope you have the courage to make the changes you necessary to get there.

Live Inspired,


Amanda Yandrasits