The Best Day Ever


Before Brad leaves for work I often tell him I hope he has the fifth best day ever. The reason why is obvious, there are clearly four days that could never be topped: our wedding day, Finn's birthday, the day he climbed Mt. Rainier, and then today. Today is our date-iversary. I know it sounds silly! When we got engaged I thought Sept 5th was going to become apart of our past, something that would eventually lose its sparkle. 

I was wrong. This day symbolizes five years in love, it's the day that started it all. Majority of the other "five best days" wouldn't be here without Sept 5th. Technically, our first date was a week prior and we both new it was game over but we didn't want to rush (feel the sarcasm). Fast forward five years and where we are brings me to tears, we have accomplished so much together and I cannot wait to see where we are and what we've done in another five! 


You are my perfect life partner, you came into my world when I needed you most, and jumped without looking back. You never tried to change, push, or patch me back up but waited patiently as I built myself, exactly what I needed. Honestly, it felt as if the universe wrapped you up and set you right on my front porch, a gift I have and will continue to cherish. 

The last five years have been filled with overwhelming love, endless adventure, and unforgettable moments of growth (individually & as a couple). To think this is still just the beginning is legit mind-blowing awesome & I am super stoked I get to call you mine. 

Love you Forever, xx.   

Amanda Yandrasits