Leather Wall Decor


Last week I asked my mother in law to watch Finn for a couple of hours so I could work. As I sat at the computer I felt a little tug on my heartstrings, my head said “get the project done” but my soul said “let’s get creative!” So, I shut down my computer, blasted some music, and decided to get something up in our very bare hallway. We have been living in this house going on two years and I refuse to purchase or decorate with something just to cover space, it’s got to feel organic.

Standing in the living room staring at this blank canvas (literally, the color is called canvas tan), considering painting and wanting to get photos hung, no collection of frames felt right. I remembered Brad had a really beautiful leather hide and I got to brainstorming!

It’s a simple design using leather (or any other backdrop), twine, hemp string, and a curtain rod. If you’re working with leather there are so many ways to hang it. I chose to use a leather punch and metal hardware to hook it over itself, think curtains you need to slide the rod through.

Besides loving the outcome itself it felt SO good to imagine something and bring it to life with my hands! I danced around the living room with the pups and shook out all the mommy structure that had me feeling a little stiff! I think everyone should be given a bit of time. Time to forget about responsibilities, neglect chores, take care of nothing but yourself… however that may look.  

I still have my work looming over my head but refilling my cup has become a priority. I’m not sorry about it and I highly recommend you do it as well! As far as our home decor goes, it's a slow process but we love every piece we create or bring in, putting more of ourselves inside these walls, building a home.

Amanda Yandrasits