Bye Bye Baby


You would think it was when he started saying words, eating food, or maybe even after his first steps but it wasn’t. I honestly don’t even know when it happened. It was so quick. It must have been right under my nose and during the hustle and bustle of life, I missed it. How sad.

I put my baby to bed and sometime during the night he morphed into a little boy.

I didn’t realize it was possible to feel so many emotions all at once! Sadness for waving goodbye to the baby phase but so excited for the future. It makes me happy watching him grow into his big personality and also slightly frustrated because part of that personality is insane stubbornness.

The feeling that takes over though is this overwhelming love for everything that is and is to be my boy.

Note to self: hold on to every moment as long as you possibly can. Time doesn't stop.




* Photos By Mari Erickson

Amanda Yandrasits