Cloth Diapers, We Made It A Year

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We did it! A year of cloth diapering!

When I was pregnant with Finn I think I researched diapers more than I did anything else; brands, creams, disposable, cloth, overnight. I don’t know why I found it to be so daunting. After reading the environmental and health benefits we decided to put Finn in cloth diapers for the first year. I am by no means an expert so I won’t be giving any advice in this post but after a year I do have a few opinions.

It’s funny thinking I was overwhelmed trying to decide on diapers before, because I was completely out of my mind trying to figure cloth diapers out. There are so many different things to consider: cover styles, diaper styles, sizes, then brands and materials, hampers, liners, toilet sprayer attachments, pins (or something like it), wet bags.. and that’s just the initial checklist.. then you have the detergents, how to properly wash, the best way to dry.. are you feeling overwhelmed yet?

I decided on doing prefold diapers to save money on covers and really liked them. They are easy to change and have such great absorbency. Thirsties is the brand cover we used and preferred the Velcro over snap. Finn is a wrestler during changes and we couldn’t fold and snap quick enough, the Velcro made things so much easier and we had no problems with leaking.

During my research I came across Baby Diaper Service, they made the entire process a no brainer! Helping me out with sizes, the tip to double up at night, and even how many diapers I might go through a week. They provide you with a hamper, liners, deodorizer, fresh diapers delivered to your front door weekly, and the best part is they pick up the dirty ones. You don’t need to dump poop into the toilet or rinse diapers, simply throw them into the bin and every week leave it on your front porch. Seriously, they took away all the scary parts of cloth diapering and made it a breeze!

We decided to make the switch to full disposable for the meantime but plan to start our service again once Finn is ready to begin potty training. Thanks to cloth diapers Finn spent his entire first year with only 2 diaper rashes and helped keep around 2500 diapers out of the landfill.

Update: Finn has been in disposable diapers for a full week now and has leaked almost every night, we’ll be on the hunt for something that holds a little better than Pampers.

Feel free to comment with questions or comments, I would love to hear from you!

Amanda Yandrasits