So You Wanna Buy A Dog?


Happy Spring ya’ll! It is officially my favorite time of the year, the breeze is warm, the birds are singing, and ALL THE PUPPIES ARE BORN! Is there anything better than a fresh pup? Idk.. maybe a baby but only if it’s yours, am I right? I get a lot of questions about my fur babies but I think the one I get the most is where we found Gibs and if I could point them in the hybrid direction. My answer is always the same: No. So many people get wrapped up in the look or idea of a certain type of dog but don’t truly grasp what it means to be its human.

I think every person has a perfect dog out there but not necessarily ready or realistic about that dog. With puppy purchasing season upon us and so many people inquiring about Gibson I thought it was time for me to share some of (in my opinion) the most important things to consider when picking out your perfect pup.


Please you guys, I beg you, do breed research before bringing a dog home. They are so much more than just cute fluffy family members. They are going to give you all of their love, time, energy, and deserve more than you might be able to invest. A breed will tell you so much about your dog’s characteristics, how you should train them, exercise, health concerns, grooming, and ultimately if they will be happy in your home. If you cannot fully commit to the breed you’re in love with, there is someone else out there who can, or other breeds that might be more your speed.

Our family motto is: a tired dog is a happy dog. Both our pups breeds LOVE the outdoors, they love to run, be free, and the amount of exercise they require (especially as puppies) shocks people. They’re also very sensitive and smart and because of this respond to being isolated as a punishment when naughty more than aggression. Knowing what you’re investing in before you pull the trigger is really important for both you and your dog’s sanity.


You live in an apartment? Totally fine, there are LOTS of dogs under 30 lbs that would be happy in a smaller home, there are even lots of bigger lazier dogs that would be cool with it. Just look around at your environment and be realistic if you could incorporate a dog into it.

Your yard isn’t fenced in? Better get that fixed before Fido comes home.

Another fun tip about location is to look up your county and see if they have any breed laws. Dogs are wonderful but they’re still animals and can find themselves in trouble on occasion. If your county has really strict dog laws you at least know to keep them on a tighter leash when out and about.


Another big one! Are you working full time? Going to school? Enjoy spending your weekends and evenings out with friends? If so, it’s probably not the right time to bring a dog home, especially a puppy. I’m sure you grew up hearing this but if it hasn’t stuck yet: a dog is a huge responsibility. They need love and attention. No, they DESERVE love and attention and if you don’t have the time then I highly recommend you wait until you do.

Obviously you can have a puppy and work full time, so many people do, but take into consideration your commute and if you enjoy going out to unwind after work. A general rule of thumb is that it is appropriate to leave your grown dog alone for 6-8 hours and puppies should be checked on periodically throughout the day. Dogs left alone for longer periods of time have been known to develop social anxiety issues, ie: separation anxiety.


Dogs are not cheap. If you dig into your dream dogs breed history you could see potential health risks and hopefully avoid some of them but beyond that there are checkups, food, shots, toys, accessories… you get the picture and if you are really thinking about getting a dog I hope this was one of the first things you thought about.


That’s it guys. I am officially done preaching to you about all the things you (hopefully) already considered before purchasing a pup. I could not imagine life without my fur babies and believe everyone should experience their love. Big, little, fur, hair, fluffy, shaggy, drooly, proper- they’re all so beautiful and I know your perfect pup is waiting to be found.

Hope you all have a happy Friday!

Live Inspired,


Amanda Yandrasits