So Your Dog Cut Its Paw...


Well, it’s definitely happened to us before…Molli cut her paw pad. Out of all the hikes we’ve done, rocky beaches we’ve ran, and rivers we’ve played in; it ended up happening right in our backyard. I’ll save you the gory details and just say, it was a bloody mess.

Where we lived at the time (and even currently) I spent almost all summer, spring, and fall hunting for glass shards. I thought I had them all, but what I didn’t realize was that the thawing of snow and ice can surface objects that were once buried. Molli is a profetchenal ß hope you caught that, and will literally spend all day/night playing if we would let her. One winter evening we were playing and noticed bloody paw prints on the patio. The glass had cut deep and at an angel.

If your pup gets a scrape, cut, or puncture in its paw start by putting pressure on it. There is an immense amount of blood vessels in a dogs’ paw, so prepare yourself for a good mess. Once the bleeding stops gently clean the wound, apply an antibacterial ointment, and wrap the paw. Molli’s cut was more of a gash so we used a gauze pad and medical tape with a bootie for whenever she went outside.

You want to keep the bandage dry and clean, make sure to change it often. Molli was still pretty active so we changed hers out once a day.

We thought the pad would grow back together over time so decided not to go in and get it removed but Molli had other plans. She decided to remove the injured pad herself one night, and our healing process began all over again. If you believe part of the pad needs stitches or removal I recommend taking them in first and foremost.

Throughout the entire process we used Dr. Rose’s Remedies on her injury.

I could not rave enough about this product! It is an all-natural, human grade salve that heals wounds, burns, cuts; relieves inflammation, itchy skin, and soo much more. We have used it for the last 3 years and it has never done us wrong.

Check out this ingredient list: Calendula oil, Olive oil, Bees wax, Shea butter, Vitamin E, Aloe vera oil, Grape seed oil, Eucalyptus oil, Tea tree oil, Rosemary oil extract. You could literally eat it.  

I always was on the look-out for sharp, hazardous objects out and about but thought we would be safe at home. And in reality paw protection isn’t something that’s always on my mind. It could happen to anyone and is a long painful healing process for your pup.

Hope we helped!

Stay Inspired,


Amanda Yandrasits