Introduction to Essential Oils & Flea Repelling Bandana


Essential oils have been around and used for thousands of years for medical, cosmetic, and spiritual purposes. They have again become more popular and are being used instead of or combined with modern medicine for a number of reasons.

Frankincense oil, for example, is said to induce a feeling of mental peace, is an anti-inflammatant, disinfectant, and promotes healthy cell regeneration.

Lavender oil is used to reduce anxiety, help heal burns, improve sleep, and slow aging.

And Cedar-wood promotes hair growth, helps tooth aches, and repels bugs.

There is an abundance of different essential oils and each one has its special uses and benefits and not only just for humans! There are specific oils that are helpful for our four legged fur babies as well!


es·sen·tial oil


1.    A natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.


EO’s are STRONG! Most dogs are going to be more sensitive to the oils than you are. When using them with your pets heavily dilute them with oil or water, keep them away from their eyes, nose, & private areas. Also, be sure to keep a close watch on your pups for any signs of irritation or discomfort.


Please do research on if an oil is safe for dogs before using it. Here is an article I found extremely helpful when deciding which oils to use on Molli and Gibson.


It is also VERY important to look into the purity of your EO’s brand before use. A lot goes into making these oil’s and some companies dilute the EO’s with other elements to cut cost. These ingredients are not always safe for you or your pets; again, please do your research. DoTerra or Young Living are both brands that we use and highly recommend.


There are a number of fun doggy DIY’s we’ll be doing here on For Paws involving essential oils including a calming collar, shampoo, and aromatherapy blends. But, with flea season being every season here in Washington a repelling bandana is first on our to-do list!

Things You’ll Need:

-Cloth dog collar

-2 tbsp coconut or almond oil

-2 drops of Cedar Wood EO

You can replace or combine Cedar Wood with Sweet Orange, Peppermint, or Marjoram Sweet. I do not recommend using more than 2 drops total though

To Do:

Mix the oils together then rub them onto your doggie bandana (easy enough).

Let the collar dry completely before placing it on your pup, and reapply the oils when you notice it starting to ware off. On top of this repelling those nasty blood suckers Cedar Wood is one of my favorite smelling oils, your pup will smell as heavenly as your local sawmill!

Amanda Yandrasits