Balancing Babies



I’m simply one women balancing a shit ton of hats: wife- boy mom- dog mom- home keeper- outdoor enthusiast- employee- and now blogger. Some days I wear them perfectly all while juggling a few extras, and it’s spectacular. Other days, I drop every hat, throw my hands up, say “fuck it”, and laugh before I cry… those days are magic. Those days are when we toss responsibilities aside and create memories worth writing about. Those are the days I live for.

I love my family fiercely and spend majority of my time with them in the outdoors. I try to be honest, open, and fill my life with love, colors, and gratitude- and I aspire to give you a space that feels just that. I want to encourage you to build a life you find inspiring and explore with the ones you love- human or not. 

Here at Balancing Babies you will find a few curse words, raw opinions, I’m sure some venting, hopefully a few laughs; and then some recipes, all things dogs, outdoors, and a deeper look into our life. I am happy your checking it out and hope you stick around.

Feel free to write me, I am all for building connections!

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